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Wiki Info Dhaka

Bon has lost her head lamp, apparently left a pocket unlocked when we left the hotel yesterday and discovered that it was missing while packing to leave.

Bus picks us up at 8 but then proceeds to 3 other locations and waits for passengers (all have pre-purchased tickets)...by 9 we finally drive out of Bogra. SPEED is the name of the game on these roads but I think the Bangladeshi people on the road are trained/conditioned by hearing the air horns blaring to 'get outa the way'! Just amazes me how fast they bomb thru villages and always just barely miss hitting someone/thing! The rural agriculture is dominated by rice and jute crops as well as every kind of livestock possible...lots of goats and cattle but also, chickens, ducks, geese, fish(farming?), pigs, and sheep. The intense use of the land - every sq meter seems to be in some use - is not really surprising given the huge population to feed and the large amount of countryside covered by water. Litter is practically nonexistent until we come close to urban centers and more people density, then roadside trash is similar to what you see in India. Still, the roads are very well maintained with few rugged patches and practically no potholes.

Close to Dhaka after crossing the great Jamuna River on the Bangabandhu Bridge (makes the Mississippi look like a creek!), we see dozens upon dozens of brick kilns & their stacks. Cannot believe I am seeing soooo many in one small area (see photos). We arrive in Dhaka about 1:30pm and our bus driver talks to a tuk tuk driver telling him where we'd like to go - Hotel Pacific( bus has stopped no where near the city center, ha)! For the next hour we ride around Dhaka with this guy who gets us within 1 km of where we wanted to go but even after asking 3-4 people still can only manage that. Eventually we see another hotel mentioned in the LP and we get our paying 100 taka more than we'd agreed to but tired, hot, and sweaty anxious to get out. At Hotel Victory, the alternative we saw, the price is twice what we balked at paying in Bogra, gulp! So we head out onto the sweaty street heading for Hotel Pacific...20 minutes later after checking out Pacific which has failed our minimal criteria, we head back to Hotel Victory! Have we gotten this soft? Hotel Victory is VERY nice, the staff very helpful but the price definitely reflects this level of service and accommodations. AC, cable TV, complimentary breakfast, internet, and Wifi in our room plus regular amenities of hot water, towels, and TP.

They arranged a bicycle rickshaw tour which we took, beginning in rain, ending in nice, cooled weather. We have a very fine tandoori chicken dinner (with appropriate cost) and try to figure out our schedule for the rest of our Bangladesh stay, difficult anytime but especially now in the midst of Eid! Transportation is difficult here usually but now with so many travelers visiting family - this holiday is like our Christmas! - we are hearing that getting seats will be even harder until after Friday (we exit Bangladesh Monday). We shall see.

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