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JC came home from the hospital this afternoon, and went directly to bed to get some much needed quality sleep. Hospitals really are tough to sleep in unless they knock you out.

Every Wednesday we see the oncologist, Dr. Eastmo. He, of course, was aware of our problems and had already talked to the ER doc, etc.

Dr. Eastmo took one look at JC's mouth and tongue and said he had an infection. It is a kind of fungal infection that finds unique places and, under the right circumstances, (weakened condition) comes on quickly and grows like crazy. Furthermore, the type of radiation therapy JC is receiving (Tomo Therapy) is specifically directed at the offending cells only. It is unbelievably precise. Most of JC's tongue is not being hit with any radiation at all. The back of his tongue may be affected a little, but certainly not all of it and not down his throat either. That was the biggest clue for Dr. Eastmo. He said traditional lab tests may not even register the condition. He almost never tests for it because it is so easy for him to diagnose visually. That's because he is the guy that designed the therapy protocol and knows what parts of the neck, throat and mouth are receiving the radiation.

The really great news is that this condition is easily treated with a specific med that is a kind of antibiotic. It is a little more technical than that, but a good simple explanation. Dr. Eastmo says that JC will be a new man within a few days. Also, Dr. Eastmo was glad that we had the peg tube (feeding tube in abdomen) installed because I guess there is still some rough road ahead. JC needs really good nutrition now. Maybe when the infection is under control, he will be able to have ice cream or whatever sounds good to him in addition to the tube food. It is also a good way to give him more water to keep him hydrated. I can give him his meds through the tube too.

Hip, hip hurray for a better tomorrow! Thanks again for all the support JC & I are getting from all of you.

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