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Matt, our new travelling companion for the next 22 days. What have...

There's a lot of junk in the trunk........

And here's the beast........the car, not me.

Bye bye hostel



Matt getting a breather after Em's driving up the mountains!


.....Heales lookout!

Our first stop off at a lake for a spot of cheese...

He just loves that cheese and pickle!

A very inquisative scrub turkey

Ahhhh.....can you feel the love!

A bit of lake love


We don't know what this is but we saw it on a...

Waterfall number 1

Their eagerness subsided when they felt how cold the water was!

A free shower




Wave your hands in the air like you don't care

Waterfall number 2

Silly fools



Waterfall number 3

A bit of rainforest

Waterfall number 3 again....sorry we can't really remember what they were all...



The codge Lodge

This morning we got up and................picked up our hire car baby!!!

We are renting a 1.8 litre Toyota Corolla for 22 days, dropping it off when we get to Sydney.

We did kinda want to do the authentic backpacker type thing and hire a campervan but our brand new car (which won't break down!) with super duper aircon cost the three of us 820 AUD (about GBP 350) in total, and seeing as the camper vans (which are big piles of crud and break down every 15 minutes!) and cost AUD 1,400 (GBP 600!).

So all in all we are stoked about the deal we have ended up with!!!

Ok enough of that.

So we set off this morning after getting some road trip supplies and headed on down the A1 (it's name is actually 'Bruce's Highway'. Honestly!!!) towards Innisfail.

On the way we thought we'd go on a bit of an adventure and went on the scenic route to Innisfail via about 50 waterfalls!

The road to them was through the mountains and quite windy but Em was a natural in her new toy!

There were some spectacular views from the road and the waterfalls were'nt bad either.

We actually stopped off first for lunch at a lake called......

It wasn't anything special though and the highlight was a duck nearly dying after trying to eat a crisp!!

After this we went to a couple of cool waterfalls which me and Matt swam into......and froze our b@#lls off!!!! But it was nice a refreshing though!!

We found a hostel in Innesfail at about 5pm that was cool but a bit wierd (it felt a bit inbred there!!) and managed to get some cheap Domino's action for din dins.

We pretty much crashed after this ready for an early start tomorrow to leave this weirdy place!!!

A pretty cool first day on the raod trip though!!!


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