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Today we docked at Cairns and have the chance to catch up with Sam. It has been several years since I have seen her. Mum and I went for a wander around the shops and we picked up some new clothes for the hotter weather. I had a bit of a panic when I went to pay for it as my credit card was missing. Luckily I soon realised that it was with my passport in the room safe. I just hadn't put it back in my purse since we first got on the cruise.

Then we headed up to the food hall to have lunch while we waited for Sam. She came to get us and I was taken aback at the fact that she's pregnant. No one told us. She told us that she is due in May. It's a girl who they have named Phoebe. Both her daughters, Amy and Megan are really looking forward to their baby sister. Paul is also excited. Sam however is still coming to terms with it. She has also found that being pregnant at 30 is very different to being pregnant at 20. She is dealing with the things she scoffed at then. Poor bugger.

She took us for a tour around Cairns outer regions which were great. Our first stop was a rainforest in the mountain as she hoped that it would be a bit cooler there. It was. Not long after we ordered at the local café on the lake, the rain plummeted down. It came so fast and hard that the kitchen flooded as well as the gift store.

When the rain had cleared, we went for a walk through the rain forest and it was brilliant. The trees are wonderful and we got to see some of the natives including the Lawyer Vine which is covered in nasty prickles. Speaks for itself really. There was a bit of a problem with leaches though and I ended up with about 5 on my feet. Only small but hungry little buggers.

She then took us to a small falls where the girls got in for a swim. They had lots of fun jumping in and posing for photo's. It's so strange to see how Sam has matured into a very mature woman and a good mother. Strange as I used to baby sit her.

She later took us back to her home that is under renovations in preparation for the new baby's arrival. Paul has been very busy. They had intended to sell up and move but the bub has put those plans on hold. We then headed off to the yacht club at Yorkey's Knob. Great name huh! The food was great and delivered very quickly. It was a good night that topped off a great day. Sam then took us back to the ship which of course now the girls would like to go on. She said that maybe one day but I think it might be a while. She's about to have her hands very full.

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