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Kata Beach.







Towards Shark Point.

Oh dear, pale over-weight Europeans with their big, bare saggy breasts, wearing only tiny thongs littering the beaches and that's only the men! Actually there are very few European women with the men as they all have their Thai "girlfriends". Not really my idea of the perfect beach resorts but I've come to dive, my decision now is whether to do a live-aboard or some day diving.

I decided to both, first a full day trip out to the King Cruiser wreck and shark point betwwen Phuket and Phi Phi Islands. The diving was good (Leopard sharks, sea-horses, scorpion-fish etc) and the boat and staff were really good so I decided to use the same company for a 2 day liveaboard out to the Similan Islands.

My comments above a slightly unfair, I've found that the far end of this beach has a few big resorts including the enormous Club Med resort and that is were most of the couples and families stay. If I thought it was bad here though (and I deliberately chose the quietest beach) I was in for a shock when the minibus to the port for the dive trip went to Patong beach to make some pick-ups. I don't think even the Costa's could have anywhere as hideous.

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