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JC thought he was going to get away with side effects that were tolerable. Well, that all changed over this last weekend.

In a word, it is AWFUL. His mouth is literally fried. He says it feels like raw hamburger. He can't swallow so he is not eating. He says water tastes like petroleum jelly. He is not doing to good at talking either.

Sunday night he started a coughing fit and could not breath, so we went to the ER. After a little time and some morphine, he started to get a little better. The effects of the morphine did not last very long.

He is still in the hospital. He is now on a stronger pain med, Dilaudid, and it is working better. Monday evening a feeding tube was installed in his stomach. He got his first feeding today about 4:30 and tolerated the food without any problems. This is very good news.

They have continued to give him the radiation treatments and will give him this week's chemo on Wednesday. At this point, we don't know when he will be released from the hospital. Hopefully, Wednesday afternoon. Just have to wait and see.

Thanks to all of you who have sent your thoughts and prayers, we really appreciate it. I firmly believe he will be alright, it is just a barbaric way of getting there.

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