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The boat

A really friendly Bat Fish

I mean REALLY friendly!!!

Em getting snorkle trained

Em going solo!

She did it!

Yeah it was nothing!!!


Getting ready for a spot of scuba-ing!

This boat by us was actually the one Matt was snorkle/scuba-ing from....

"Vassing up my mo" is how the Aussies put it. My Mask...

Try it guys (or girls!!). It ain't nice!!!

Rock on Scuba Steve!!!

I make scuba-ing look cool!!!

Coincidentally there was a tidal wave back in Cairns about 5 minutes...



I'm the blue blob in the middle.

Just finishing a sea cucumber.

Fud and one of the dudes with a funky mo!!!

It's a tough life!!!

The Great Barrier Reef!

Awwwww snorkelling took it out of the poor little mite.

Whereas a nice cool beer seemed to keep me going!!

Bye Bye GBR!

A couple of the crew from the boat.

Mmmmmmmmm cake and beer!!!!

Returning to cloudy Cairns

Watch out, a giant clam!!!


me taking a photo of Em taking a photo of me taking...

A big hairy ginger sea cucumber.

A blue spotted sting ray. Blimey!!!

Em re-creating the Nirvana baby pose!

Today we (We as in us two rather than us three) left for a trip to the great barrier reef for some snorkle/scuba action (I have decided to give snorkling another chance!!!)

So we got the free shuttle bus from the hostel at 7.15am to get to the jetty for 7.30am which we were assured would be plenty of time......but in true Ozz n Emma style, the bus was late and when we got to the jetty we couldn't find the boat, we were pretty sure after looking for 30 minutes that the boat had gone but we managed to find it and had to run as the boat was just leaving!!!

On board we got brecko then started the hour and a half boat ride out to the reef.

Ozz decide to do a scuba dive and I opted for the snorkling.

After a bit of encouragment I opted for going in with one of the lovely girls who worked on the boat, she swam out with me and took me on a little dive and we saw some wicked fish which I can't remember what they were called and a giant clam!

I felt a lot more confident after that and went off exploring on me own.

Ozz's dive was amazing, he saw a reef shark/stingray and a massive lobster!

After that we got lunch on the boat then in the afternoon we all went for another snorkle and the staff took us on a sea safari where we all swam round together and she pointed out all the different fish and we got to stroke a sea cucumber......which wasn't very nice!

After that we made our way back to dry land, we were given some fruit and cake on the way back then cheese and crackers!

A really amazing day, the staff were brilliant and I am so glad I got back in and gave it another go after Indonesia as I really really enjoyed it.

Oh and by the way....then we got an e-mail saying that the car we wanted was not available! See we knew it was too good to be true! However we managed to find exactly the same deal with another company which we pick up at 10am tomorrow so fingers crossed it all goes acording to plan!


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