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Countryside coming down...tee pees of drying bamboo


Bon was able to connect Skype to talk to Tiff before leaving. Taxi to shared jeep station and got one with front seats for us although we have to wait an hour for it to fill. Road to Siliguri has lots of repairs being done where it looks like there have been landslides. We pass by at least 3 large dam projects, all about half finished. Skies are blue at first but just as we are getting down to more hot/humid elevations it clouds over and surprisingly cooler temps. Siliguri is just a big city but everything we need is on the main Hill Cart Road...went first to Central Plaza Hotel but they weren't too accommodating, the room was run down, AC was old, noisy kind, and they refused to come down from their price. Next we went to Conclave Lodge where again they insisted that prices were fixed, nonnegotiable even now in slow season. Besides that when we asked about hired taxi to Chengrabandha, border town into Bangladesh, the fellow called to inquire and got a 1500 r quote, when we were told over the phone it would be 1050 r. I went out searching for the taxi stand which happened to be just over the bridge. After a bit of 'negotiation' (at first it was 2000 r.!) we settled on 1050 r. and the fellow will pick us up in front of Conclave 8am tomorrow.

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