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Home again, or that's what getting back to Bangkok always feels like, a chance to get all of my laundry done and induldge in cheap booze watching almost non-stop football. After having to fork out to share a huge dorm in Singapore it's nice to get my own room and bathroom for half the cost here.

I now have a plan - actually after going through plans A, B ,C, D, E, F and probably G, H, I and J too I'm back to the original Plan A. I'm going to take a short 'holiday' first though.

I was chatting with some Scots watching the football last night and one guy wanted to "bet lots of money" that he could accurately guess my age - he went for 32! Must be the easy life, then again I wouldn't have liked to have the hangover he probably had this morning.

I have realised that I have 3 entries for Bangkok on this site and yet no photographs as I've visited almost all of the major sights here in the past. I decided that I would spend my last full day in bangkok going around some of my favourite places and taking photographs to put up here - guess what - it rained all day!

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