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JC had an encounter with a friendly little robin on one of...

Meeting Jimmy at Sheridan Lake

Wild flowers on the bank of one of our fishing expeditions

JC's big catch of the day at Deerfield Lake

The only piece of driftwood on the shore

Rainbow on the horizon this morning

Our sewer hose cut into a dozen pieces by hail

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A long day at the Cancer Institute today. On Tuesday's we get there about 7:15 am. Today chemo got started a bit late, almost an hour. The Tomo Therapy (radiation) tech came and got JC still hooked up to his IV.

After a short time, he came back and told that he broke the machine. Well, the machine did break, but we know it was not his fault. This machine is very busy. There are just so many people that need the treatment. Anyway, the part that broke has to be flown in. By the time this was determined it was nearly 2 pm.

Where does that leave us? Well, JC only got about 1/3 of the treatment today. So they will add another session at the end. There is a chance the machine may not be available tomorrow. Ugh! That means two days added to the end. We have to take things as they come. As they saying goes, what will be, will be.

JC complexion has cleared up considerably. 8>) On the downside, he getting more and more fatigued. He never did get out of his jammy 's this last weekend. He is experiencing a very dry mouth and nothing tastes very good. Most meats taste like cardboard and he feels like he is chewing forever. Anything that does not have a sauce, gravy or some kind of moisture he can't eat because he is not producing the necessary saliva to eat it. An example would be nuts. He says it just turns to paste and is really hard to swallow. It reminds me of some of those funny "Got Milk" commercials.

His throat is starting to get a little sore, nausea comes and goes, and a little bit of indigestion. All these are tolerable, it's the food and dry mouth that are the most annoying. None of these side effects are surprises. It's just that being told about the side effects is not the same as dealing with them.

On a brighter note, we had a rather violent hail storm yesterday. It obliterated our sewer hose, put a hole in our shower skylight the size of an open hand and put about 50 silver dollar sized dents in the car. LOL

To make this blog a little happier, I have included a couple of video clips of the buffalo we encountered on the Wildlife Loop in Custer State Park. We were on the motorcycle and that can be a little unnerving getting so close to the big animals. In fact, the first clip has one very big bull that had turned around towards us and started baying. There was another big bull on the other side of the road behind us that started baying at the same time. Yes, we got a little nervous and tried to keep on moving. Very exciting stuff. Ok, it was a little scary. The pictures are just odds and ends.

An update as I post this today; the Tomo Therapy machine is repaired so JC was able to go this morning (Wednesday). That means only one session has to be added to the end.

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