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Matt the Twat and Tim the Yank doin some BBQ

Ozz get's in on the sausage action

Ozz gets his fingers burnt

Don't play with your food kids!

yea we've rented a car.....

What a beaut!!!!

Today we still don't have any kind of plan for what we are doing next so what do you do in a situation like this I hear you ask......we met up with Matt and had a BBQ!!

In Australia they have public BBQ areas everywhere which is pretty good....and it is the first BBQ we have ever had in November!!!

During the feast we semi decided to rent a car to get down to Sydney rather than get the greyhound (coach) and Matt has decided to tag along for the ride and decline a road trip north with an American, a German, and an Irish group of Girls who turned out to be mental and quite scary!

We had a look on line and saw a few good deals and have managed to get a Toyota Corolla for AUD 800 (GBP350) FOR 23 days between the 3 of us is a pretty good good that we can't quite beleive it! and seeing as it was AUD 1400 to hire a beaten up old van......we think something may be up!! but anyway we have booked it for the day after tomorrow! :)

We had a few in the Woolshead pub in town and Ozz and Matt had a scary game of pool with some nutty locals then we headed back to the hostel and called it a night.


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