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Tuesday 4th September 2007

Was just about to check out and move on when I met Ming-ha from the US who was feeling slightly culture shocked and in need of company having decided to take a solo holiday to decide whether to accept her boyfriends proposal of marriage or to dump him! We spent the day walking around Granada (Americas oldest city) to see the sites and talked....alot and had a milkshake on the verandah of the Hotel Alhambra with the lovely smell of horse manure from the local taxis! The power went out again in the evening so we walked by torch light down a pitch dark street to a restaurant for dinner.....not easy when you have big electricity generators taking up the pavements to negotiate. Had a great dinner in the Safari Lounge which made me feel like I was back in Manchester. This town is full of Western style cafes and restaurants run by expats that charge prices that equate to most locals weekly wage.

Wednesday 5th September 2007

Did a bit of shopping in the market for a mosquito net and some other bits and pieces. Ming-ha is a self professed sufferer of ADD and hypochondria so we spent a fair while trying to get all of her lotions and potions for the bites! Got a taxi up to Lago de Apoyo and spent the afternoon in the luke warm waters of the extinct volcanic crater. At first I thought we had a repeat of Cuba and there was sewage in the water but then I realised that it was actually small pieces of volcanic rock, like pumice stone that were floating to the surface. The lake was a really relaxing place to laze around and think, only sporadically interrupted by fireworks or gunfire, not sure which. Had dinner by candle light as the power was off again but at least we had running water as they have a gravity rain tank on the roof.

The staff explained to us over dinner that the problems were caused by not enough power stations working to full capacity. Two are hydroelectric and there hasn't been enough water (never seen so much rain recently...but anyway!) and one is undergoing renovation so only 1 is at full capacity. Therefore they have a schedule of 5 hour nightly power cuts to curb usage. That means that the water isn't pumped so there is also no running water. This country doesn't seem as poor as Bolivia as it's shocking that people are having to live like that and it's funny how you don't adjust from life time habits....have to bucket flush the loo but then still try and turn the tap on to wash my hands!

Thursday 6th September 2007

Another day by the lake, in the lake and talking to a Canadian couple who arrived for the day. They spent the afternoon with Ming-ha giving new insite to her problems whilst I took the kayak out. Paddled for ages and didn't even seem to be in the middle so headed back just before a thunder storm headed across the lake and produced a huge rainbow. Noticed at dinner that virtually every insect and bug that fell on me or the table was like nothing I had really seen before...this country is really quite strange.

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