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Today we were at sea heading to our first port of call. There was several things to do and we started by attending the Art Auction. It was kind of dull and Mum took off before intermission. Only two paintings had sold by then and ones that people had requested be put up for auction were not even bid on. Disappointing so I left at intermission.

There was a quiz witch we went to next which was a bit of fun and I was surprised that they older ones did not know that Polenta was made from corn. Of well, we helped them on that question and they helped us on another. We didn't win but had a few laughs.

In the afternoon we joined in for bingo. Mum had fun as we had played on the previous cruise which she enjoyed as well. We didn't win (what a shock) but it was good fun. The yank who ran the show was a bit of an idiot but it was his first time so we had to give him some leeway.

We were in a bit of a panic over what to wear for dinner. It was a formal evening and all our good stuff was creased and there was no iron for use in the cabin. If you wanted ironing done they would do it for you at a price.

So we rocked up in our less than glamorous gear but at least we showed. Dinner was good and we got to know our fellow dinner guests better. Mum didn't want to go to the show as it was a hypnotist. She didn't explain why so I left her in the cabin and went in with Peter and Jane. It was a brilliant show that had us all laughing our arses off. The things that people do. Some clearly weren't under and he kept clear of them concentrating on the ones that were. It was a great night and Peter commented that it was the hardest he has ever laughed.

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