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John & Carol


Three easy lessons on taming your gator




Cute little guy coming out of the crystal


This head was bigger than my foot

Just hanging around

This was molting season for the snakes

This was the skin at the head...yuk

Guess who?

This guy was not going to take no for an answer


This is Maniac

This is Mr. Komodo Dragon

He is molting too...or having a bad skin day

This little frog was no bigger than my thumb


Very talented bird


These orchids are called Pocket Books

Fabulous deep bright colors


I loved this unusual orchid


This huge Aldabra Tortoise lives well over a hundred..amazing. He can move...


Colorful zinias everywhere

We had a fun day with new friends Carol & John Herr. (Click on their name to go to their really nice blog.) We have been following their blog for a year or so. They are workamping at Sheridan Lake here in the Black Hills. The lake is a National Forest Lake near Hill City.

We sought them out when we were hunting for a fishing spot a week or so ago. We met their baby, Jimmy. He looks like a cocker spaniel, but he is a cousin of the cocker spaniel called King Charles Cavalier. I have never met a dog so laid back. He was fun to meet and get our puppy fix. Oh, it was nice to meet Carol & John too. LOL

A couple of days later we got together for a nice lunch at the Powder House in Keystone. Then we went onto the Reptile Gardens. This place has lots and lots of snakes, lizards, alligators and crocodiles. Over 225 species. Maniac, is a saltwater crocodile measuring 15 feet 8 inches. There is a 8 foot Komodo Dragon that weighs about 500 pounds. Giant tortoises, snakes that are harmless and snakes that are very venomous.

The reptile show with the gators and crocs was really fun. The guys that do this show have a lot of guts. Some of the pictures I took look like gators and crocs are lined up for lunch....the trainer. LOL They were lined up because they have been conditioned to eat at each show. Now not all of them eat because they do not need to regularly like you and me. Once in a while is good enough because their metabolism is so slow.

There is a short bird show. The handler was the best. She had a lot of personality and really made what would otherwise have been a little boring.

And, there is a snake show. The handler brings out one snake at a time and talks about behaviors, venom and what to be afraid of. Again, these handlers do have moxie.

The grounds are beautifully landscaped and an indoor bird sanctuary has some beautiful orchids and many other exotic plants, lizards and birds too.

After a fun day we headed across the highway to our little RV park. Did a little show and tell of our home on wheels. We ended the day with a simple dinner at Shipwreck Lee's.

A great day. We are looking forward to our next outing with Carol & John. Maybe the Mammoth Dig in Hot Springs.

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