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Sunrise about to happen

Sunrise on the mountains

Sunrise on the mountains

The sun's a little higher here

And higher still

View from about 9700 ft elevation

Above treeline

The dirt road that we were on

View from near the top

Very bright red flowers above treeline

Check out the red flowers here and there

High Country Loop

High Country Loop

High Country Loop

High Country Loop

High Country Loop

I love this shot!

Side road to a very high place

High Country Loop

We left the Ranger to do some climbing to higher ground

High Country Loop

Nancy scanning the area from a high place

Neat tree

Nancy losing her balance

Remote solar powered weather station

Back below treeline and heading down

Mighty chilly up here at sunrise!

Getting serious about my photography


Interesting high country shrub

We got up at 4:30 am so as to be up in there by sunrise, which was at 5:34 am, and we beat it by about 10 minutes. That gave us time to set up the tripod and get ready for action. It was kind of chilly up there at that time of the day, but we came prepared for that and were fine.

This loop is right up there with some of the most beautiful high country that I've experienced anywhere. Colorado still takes the cake, but not by much. Each day we seem to find another special little area along the Tioga Pass Road that amazes us. The next post will be about one of them.

We plan to return again to this Loop near sunset to see what kind of photos that will produce.

Stay tuned.

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