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Deck finished!


Dumping the last of the potatoes

This is the second batch





Great Blue Heron


Our neighbour's dad

Another beautiful summer sunset

Our neighbour's cat


Fledged eaglets

One of our eaglets


Shaggy sunflower

Tree trimming

Summer moon

The sunflowers got really high

Moon jellies at the government dock near our house



Lion's Mane Jellyfish







Eel fish

Little crab

Anemones under the dock



A trip to Egmont

Pat and Steve At Egmont

Steve at the ball field waiting for a bus

Maureen & Pat at the ball field

Burnett Falls - not far from our house


Pat and Steve at Burnett Falls







Kennedy and Kelly at the Rod Run


Cousin Natasha's 50th Birthday

Sun through the smoke

Green Tomato Salsa and Tomato Jam

Tomatoes just about ready to pick


Had to pick them all - rain coming

A rare white pelican out front of our place




Aaron's new shirt made by Auntie Pat

Tonye, Aaron and Maureen

Dinner at the Libra Room

At the Museum of Anthropology, UBC



Bill Reid sculpture at the Museum of Anthropology

First Christmas Cakes

Snow on the Connector on the way to pick up the trailer


Our new little trailer - RPod


Maureen with her bandage after minor surgery

The cat was on top of the mattress while we were moving...

Orders for cakes all done

Thanksgiving table


Turkey on the smoker


Almost ready


Clover first cut

Construction beside our hotel - Executive Inn on Howe Street - a...

We got this train for free on the Buy and Sell and...

Unbelievable that the cat is lying on Larry!

Beautiful fall day

Drifting boat - called the Coast Guard and it eventually was moved

The cat sitting in the wreath in the garage


Kelly and his catch

Stellar Sea Lions


Ling cod


Chocolate tray

Motoko amongst the baking

Whiskey Cream made by Kelly

Just hanging around on the exercise bike



Travel High Chairs

Knitting section

Sewing section

Yard Dice made by Kelly

The wreath Maureen made at her workshop

Male merganser in winter plumage



King tide - up our rock wall

Covering the bottom step

At the Marsh

Steps at the Marsh

Covering the path

At the Marsh

Our rock wall

Bob the Cat on our deck - what a surprise!

2018 Family Christmas Photo - part 1

2018 Christmas Photo Part 2 - Aaron & Tonye

Christmas tree

With lights



Geared up just in case!

Scooter man at the parade









It's a roll of carpet!






The inflatable outhouse had a door that opened and Santa was inside.


Motoko visiting Larry in his office

Days of frost built up on the hot tub


A wreath that was given to us as a gift - Merry...

The time seems to fly by so fast and it doesn't feel like we did much. The garden was very successful this year. By the time the rain started in early September there were many, many tomatoes to pick. What to do with them all? Four batches of green tomato salsa, tomato jam, bruschetta and some to eat. It is estimated that we had about 60 pounds of them in all from 22 plants. The potatoes were also very successful and we will grow more next year. We are also hoping to upgrade and increase the size of the greenhouse.

Kelly completed refinishing the deck even though it was very hot. It looks fantastic and as of this writing in December, it continues to wear well.

Pat and Steve were here for two weeks from July 26 to August 7. We did a number of little side trips - a drive up to Egmont, a short hike to Burnett Falls, numerous ball games and a ball tournament. The drive to Egmont was nice but it was apparent that Larry could not make it to the falls with his scooter so we didn't go. It was very warm this summer and at various times there was quite a bit of smoke from fires in other places.

Mid-September Maureen visited Aaron and Tonye in Vancouver taking buses from the ferry. Very convenient. The first night we went to the Libra Room on Commercial Drive and the next day Tonye headed out on tour. We made good use of EVO, a car-sharing service in Vancouver. The second day Aaron and Maureen went to the Museum of Anthropology for several hours and had dinner at the Alibi Room at Main and Alexander then walked up to the Orpheum Theatre for a concert by Soweto African Gospel Choir. It was an excellent concert - EVO back to Aaron's. Aaron and Tonye live and manage an AirBnB on Union Street - 3 rooms upstairs (with a breakfast room and bathroom) and a two bedroom suite downstairs. They live in the middle in a studio with a nice kitchen and bathroom. It works well for them. They have been able to spend a lot of time in a music studio close by and Tonye has been doing a lot of touring.

In May Larry had a biopsy on his prostate, which was found to be positive. He is on "active surveillance" for his prostate (a PSA test every three months). However, right after that he got e.coli blood poisoning and had various bouts of infection that occurred. In late August he ended up in hospital for four days on strong antibiotics. While there he had a CT scan which discovered that he had several diverticulae and a fistula (a channel) between his Sigmoid Colon and his bladder. This was why the bacteria kept coming back. A lot of the last six months was spent back and forth to Vancouver for various tests and appointments for Larry. We are currently waiting for a surgery date for the fistula. It could be quite a wait but we could get a call on a Friday for surgery on a Tuesday! It makes it hard to plan anything. We also went to Vancouver for a few training and trade show opportunities in the travel industry. We went to the Hawai'i Tourism show in Vancouver in November and Larry's name was drawn for a prize which included 2 free return flights to Oahu, 2 nights at an Aston Hotel, 3 nights at the Courtyard Marriott on the North Shore, Ambassador tickets to the Polynesian Cultural Centre with a guided tour and Kualoa Discovery Park so we are going to take this trip in October 2019.

Maureen made Christmas Cakes for the first time in late September. She decided to put them on the Buy and Sell and got orders for eight of them! Very happy customers. She also spent a lot of time sewing and knitting and her and Kelly decided to hold a Craft and Christmas Bake Sale on November 24. Kelly was selling his handmade Yard Dice and his homemade Whiskey Cream. Maureen was selling knitting, sewing and lots of baked good. We didn't have the turnout we expected but made $170. That was the same amount Maureen had made at the Elders Craft Fair a couple of weeks before.

At the end of September we were able to find a trailer to buy - an RPod 180. It was the floor plan we liked and we were able to find a nice used one in Penticton. We had a Groupon we had to use in Whistler so went up there for two nights and then headed to Penticton. It snowed on the Duffy Lake Road and also the Okanagan Connector. Not such a good omen for travelling with a trailer but by the next day it was all gone everywhere and we had a safe journey home through the Hope Princeton Hwy 3. It's a nice little trailer and we will use it mostly for fairly local trips.

Also at the end of September, Maureen had minor surgery for a cancerous bit on her forehead. All is well with that and all healed. Maureen went to a wreath-making workshop on November 25 and we walked/scooted up to the annual Christmas Parade on December 1.

Wishing all our Trip Journal readers a very Merry Christmas. Ours will be quiet this year. Aaron and Tonye are releasing a new album on December 19 and we will all go over for that (Pat and Steve will come from Victoria) but otherwise they can't leave the AirBnB because it's fully booked! Happy New Year!

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