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Oh No Snow

Today was one surprise after another. Some good, others tough.

First surprise, it honestly felt like it was a slow gradual ascent towards Denver. Coming from the east, I was so surprised to see the Denver City limits sign before we went through any mountains. I thought Denver was surrounded by mountains.

We could see mountains along the West side. Partway through the city we encountered green rolling hills, but not really the Rocky Mountains. It wasn't until we got to Golden, CO that we experienced Rocky mountains.

The weather report says it's supposed to snow on some of the days next week (another surprise) near Tahoe. So we have been trying to time our trip to miss the snow.

We have been looking at the weather report for each place we plan to go to. Both Denver and Golden, CO were supposed to have scattered showers today. Nobody mentioned anything about snow. Well it started to snow (surprise) in Golden, CO and didn't stop until we went through the tunnel near the summit. Luckily it was a light snow because I don't have chains.

It was tough driving through the snow since I wasn't prepared for it.

So now I'm tired. I hope this blog makes sense.

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