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Have you ever had one of those days when everything you touch, goes south? That was Wednesday. I went to turn on the TV in the cab of the RV and it croaked, power but no picture. At first we wondered if it was the Marine base playing games with the electronics but they were unjustly accused. The TV just decided to bite the dust. And the TV is in a sturdy wood cabinet in the overhead, we knew it was going to be an adventure to get it out. And of course this is on Wednesday when our favorite show "Survivor" has its last episode. Poop! So we spent most of the morning getting irritated at each other, sitting on the dashboard, as we tried to disassemble the wood cabinet and attempt to get the TV out. We finally got the TV out, (remembering that this TV is probably at least 10 years old, as our RV is a 2008) and it is big and heavy in comparison to the slim TV's of today.

So now can MacGuiver find another one, in a store in Yuma, that will fit? After much research he found a 28" Samsung that would work, so off to Best buy he goes. And can he find a mounting bracket that will hold it in place? If not He will make one, he is determined! So yes, finally after fussing with the TV all day, he got it installed enough to work, but it will take some more effort to make it road worthy enough to travel! And yes, we were able to watch the last episode of Survivor, but it was many hours after the fact.Thank goodness for the DVR.

Zoey's left hind leg has been bothering her, so I took her to the Vet, to check it out. She has either torn a tendon, or messed her knee up. So she is on "bed rest" (Ha, ha, if you know Zoey she does not want to be kept down)so we don't let her jump, and try to carry her up and down the steps to the RV. She is not happy with this arrangement. She is also on pain meds, for 2 weeks and then we will re-evaluate her leg. So please pray for Miss Zoey, that she doesn't have to under go extensive surgery.

And Spikes 94 year old Mom has been in the hospital in Alaska for Afib problems. She is home now but requires assistance from family members and has an Aid stay with her at night. Her grandson is trying to get her into Assisted living but the wheels move slow in Alaska, and it might be awhile. So Spike is headed up to Alaska on December 30, to stay with her for 3 weeks and pack up her apartment etc. Miss Zoey and I are staying in Yuma, for now. So the Kramers have lots on their plate, but God is a big God, and we are trusting Him to pave the way.

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