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Walking the Planty

Entrance to Warwel Castle Grounds

Castle Courtyard

Warwel Cathedral

Jewish Market

Rynek Underground Stall and artifacts

Salad and Warm Goat Cheese

Our last full day in Krakow! Today our plan is to see Warwel castle and the grounds. We decide to walk the path to the castle through the 'planty' - by the 19th century, Krakow's no-longer-necessary city Wall had fallen into disrepair, so Krakow decided to tear down the walls, fill in the moat and plant trees. The planty encircles the old town and is quite lovely. The castle grounds and the Warwel Cathedral are free except for certain areas of the Cathedral and some museums that we opted to pass on - Rick Steves recommendation 'not worth your time'. Poland's most important rulers and greatest historical figures are buried here. It began as a simple Romanesque church in the 12th century and over the years has been added to by various rulers and their choice of architecture. Photos were not allowed inside, thus we took many exterior photos. As the crowds were increasing and we had seen all on our list of 'must sees', we decided to go back to the Jewish section for lunch and to see the interior of Corpus Christi Church (we had tried the day before but there was a mass and tourists are not allowed in during services). The Jewish district is a good 20 minute walk from OldTown, but we got there and found the street with several restaurants we had seen the day before. I had the Jewish Stew and Judi B had lamb Kebab plus we split a Jewish dumpling at Ariel. Not our best meal but it sustained us for continuing our walk to find the Market Hall where the locals shop (no souvenirs). It's rotunda was built in 1900 and served as a ritual Jewish slaughterhouse for poultry. Only some of the stalls were open and it appeared that most of the items for sale were from a 'clean out your garage' sale although there were a few handcrafts for sale, sort of a flea market. Tuesday and Friday mornings there is a pigeon Market - not sure about this as there are many many wild pigeons all over Krakow! Judi B attempted to take a photo of items in one stall but was told 'no photos'. As it was a warm day and we were hot and tired decided we should have some 'lody' (ice cream) - we had seen numerous shops but decided we wanted to sit and enjoy it - most are only take away with no place to sit! We ended up back in the Main Square (near our apartment) and stopped to buy tickets for Rynek Underground, a timed limited number of participants, for 5:00 pm. We then found our lody and returned to the apartment for a rest as it was only 3:30. At 5 we headed off for the Rynek Underground an interactive exhibit of Krakow's history back to medieval times. The exhibit was opened in 2010 and is archeological digs under the square and Cloth Hall. It exhibits not only previous seller stalls but many artifacts (coins, jewelry, pottery, etc.) from the many years of the square being a central market. Exiting from underground the sky is looking threatening, so we find a restaurant close by and opted to have dinner inside as opposed to outside (all restaurants around the square have more outdoor seating than inside). We were the only patrons inside! I had a lovely salad with goat cheese, Judi B had the Polish soup and we shared a plate of pierogies. Then time to call it a day and retire - we had been home perhaps 10 minutes when it began to rain. Time to pack and say goodbye to Krakow! JC

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