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Our treehouse abode

Mary enjoying our deck - it goes all the way around

Our hammock with a view of the lake

Another view of the treehouse units

We went into town to see the iconic Paul and Babe statues

Ron and his 23" Northern Pike

Jim's is NOT 23"

Bemidji, MN Conditions on this fishing day were a little challenging. We awoke to a windy day with some whitecaps on the lake. Nonetheless, this was a fishing trip so Jim and Ron set off to try their luck. The wind continued to increase and we later found out it reached 35 mph. Our fishing is usually accomplished by standing up in the boat to cast. Because of the strong wind, our bodies acted as sails and we were blown out of position within 2 casts. This makes for inefficient fishing. Ron, however, was able to catch a 23” Northern Pike as the best catch of the day. Tomorrow is supposed to be a much calmer day – surely it will be great for fishing!

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