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Casper, Wyoming

Hiking in Glendo State Park

State Capitol under a bit of construction

Historic Cheyenne

Love my western stores!!!


More of historic Cheyenne

My first taste of bison ribs...

Wyoming. I love Wyoming. I had only been there once, to Jacksonhole, but it was truly remarkable. I went in the summertime and remember it being beautiful, calm, and charming with fabulous activities (Yellowstone, Grand Teton, hiking and white water rafting).

This time, I was on the other side of Wyoming...the east. By the time we arrived in Casper from South Dakota, I wasn't sure I would be able to keep Gypsy Red on the road due to the very high winds. I found an RV park and literally thought Gypsy was not going to survive the night (or us in it!) as I could feel it moving with the wind. I asked James (the cute, but very young, RV manager) if the high winds were unusual for the area. He responded, this everyday here. Yikes!

But, I do love Wyoming. Found a terrific western store in Casper and broke down and bought two pairs of jeans. Western stores always have long jeans because of the boots. Wish I could say I needed the jeans due to the length, but reality is, I have become a bit pudgy in my lack of exercise regimen and needed some jeans to not only fit in length, but in the gut/butt as well. Yes, mommy, you can take a little pleasure in knowing I'm filling out a bit. :))

As we headed out toward Cheyenne, we stopped at the Glendo State Park. It didn't take Presley long to find the water (see the pic), or the deer!!! I should have learned that day to keep her on a leash (but that story is to come later) as she tested my patience trying to chase them. It was a beautiful park and wonderful hiking (with two stinky wet dogs afterwards).

Then, we hit Cheyenne and the best RV park we have visited thus far...the Terry Bison Ranch RV park. It was awesome! Great facilities, with lots of room for the pups to wander, but also a walkable restaurant on the ranch. I had my first bison ribs there, and a Cherry Limeade made with gin (yes, I actually drank gin) that had quite a punch, but boy was it good!! As for the ribs, well, let's just say the dogs enjoyed them more than me. Take a look for yourself (attached pic).

By the time we reached Cheyenne, we finally got a bit of a break in the wind. We spent a day traversing the city and I fell in love with it, although it is quite small for a capitol city. The historic downtown was charming. Check out the Mr. Wrangler pic. One of the largest western stores I have ever been in and it brought back my days of youth where wranglers were the norm. Yep, I grew up wearing wranglers! But no, I left without a pair.

It's funny to me that people consider Oklahoma and Texas as "western", and no doubt, there are parts that are more western than others, but Wyoming is western!! Yes, boots are the norm (my favorite kind of footwear, so of course, I LOVED checking out the selection of boots in both Casper and Cheyenne, but once again, left without any more to add to my culled down collection), and it was not unusual to see the cowboy hats and even folks riding horses around the towns. So very cool.

But, yes, as bad as I thought the wind was in Iowa and Nebraska, central Wyoming put it to shame. It was intense. And, based on the postcard I bought, that must be the norm. Wow...Oklahoma wind is starting to look pretty good...

Heading south back toward OK.

Much love,


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