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The Talmud Torah school in Tinamastes.

One of the more placid residents of Costa Rica

Dominical. Welcome to 1968.


El Pescado Loco y El Touristico Loco

Liquid Fire Salsa Picante for our pescado loco

The sushi place we didn't eat at

Playa Dominical

Playa Dominical

A boy and his wood




Costa Rica money - you can pay in beach blankets




The fancy restaurant at Cuna del Angel

Banana Boy and his esposa

Fire in in the hole!

Bananas Foster - it's what's for dinner!

Night falls at the Cradle of Angels

Chanukah in the jungle

Just in case you thought that our day ended with retrieving and reviving Miguel and Colleen from the Bat Cave, there was indeed a full days' activities in store for us in Dominical. Indeed, we visited the little hippie commune by the sea 3 times today - early in the morning while they were sliding down the mountain; on the way back from their retrieval to scout out an alleged sushi location for dinner; and then a few hours later for a late lunch and some beach time.

The drive back from the Bat Cave was... aromatic.... as Miguel and Colleen added a little je ne sais crois to the atmosphere in the car. Chanel No. 4, I think it was. We kept the windows down and our heads kind of out the windows while we drove, if you know what I mean.

Once we got them back to Cuna del Angel we made them go for a shower, go directly for a shower, do not pass go and please for God's sake take a shower. ..... ahhh.... all better now....

The sushi location in Dominical was suggested to Miguel by Diego and the thought of eating there apparently absorbed Miguel's thoughts and became the raison d'etre that brought him back down from the Bat Cave. We hunted down the sushi location with echo-location capabilities previously only known to exist in bats (which makes me think that Miguel & Colleen may have been bitten while in the Bat Cave). And then we ate somewhere else - the fish & chips joint just outside the entrance to the sushi place, as it turned out. Strange.

But nothing compared to the obsessive compulsive need that Miguel had to see something lit up and on fire as part of his birthday dinner that evening. I've never seen anyone so giddy as him while watching our waiter back at Cuna del Angel make bananas foster. He positively giggled insanely each time the waiter poured more liquor onto gas fired saucepan to make the caramel sauce and caused it to flare up. I'm thinking, again, that he got bitten by a bat in that fershtinkenuh cave last night.

Bat bite or no, I'll let the photos today do the talking - we certainly couldn't stop Miguel as the adventures from their day before came streaming forth. Luckily, the liquor infused caramel sauce put him to sleep quickly and the 3 of us sort of schlepped him to his bed so he could get some real sleep not on the floor of a cave. I have no idea where Colleen gets the patience!

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