Our Adventure in Spain and Portugal 2015 travel blog


A steep climb to the cave entrance

Waiting for the explore to begin outside the entrance

We talked with a couple from Michigan as we waited for the...

We were fortunate and got the last tickets! Others were turned away.

Just inside and waiting

A typical ceiling view of stalactites

A cave painting

Bats - these originally drew the discoverer to the cave


A fish image

As we were returning

Down the hill to our car

Our VW

The hills and valley

9/27/2015 The Pileta Cave

Our journey to the Costa del Sol was along more of the hill towns with one very tempting stop - the Pileta Cave near Ronda. This is a cave discovered in the Pileta Hill in 1905 by a farmer, Jose Bullon Lobato who was searching for guano (bat droppings) to fertilize his fields. In this cave are ancient drawings 25,000 years old. Anne, who does not usually do well in caves, but very interested in archeology, got through without a problem in the 1PM group. Tom was disappointed that photographs were not allowed and the pictures in this posting are from postcards and one shot at the beginning. It was slippery going and a very long trek, up steps and down steps, in the dark with only small lamps for guidance, but to see actual images drawn by ancient people was an extraordinary experience. The guide was excellent and spoke in both Spanish and English.

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