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Alta Badia in the Dolomites - from campsite

Alta Badia in the Dolomites - from campsite

Hike from San Cassiano - we didn't take the cable car because..........?

Hike from San Cassiano - challenging bike trails

Hike in the Alta Badia

Hike in the Alta Badia - 87 year old hiker catching us...

Hike in the Alta Badia - Ian playing the mountain goat

Alta Badia - Austro Hungarian fort on the Dolomite front in WWI

Alta Badia - Austro Hungarian fort on the Dolomite front in WWI

Alta Badia

Munich - it's still a dogs life

Munich - fully intact Nazi Party HQ

Munich - Hauf Brau Haus - room where Hitler made first major...

Dachau concentration camp

Luxembourg - fluorescent slugs

Luxembourg hike

Liz thought we needed a bigger van, so Ian made this purchase...

England - depends which way you read it - religious or business?

This week has seen more great hiking and transit through 5 countries back to our "base camp" in Shrewsbury, England. We have now seen 3 separate areas of the Italian Dolomites – all are different and all spectacular. We will come back to each given the opportunity. We have completed 32 hikes with the last one being a 25 KM route march through the forests and hills of Luxembourg.

From the mountains we drove to the vibrant southern German city of Munich. Absolutely the most unfriendly campsite on the whole trip was more than made up for by the city, its vibrancy and history. Ian went on a Third Reich tour – being a 20th Century wartime fan, this was a fantastic experience made all the better as Ian had lunch with the guide consisting of beer, sausage & sauerkraut in a beer garden close to the fully intact Nazi Party HQ. We then both visited the WWII concentration camp at Dachau, which was heart-rending, sad, but amazing also for the resilience of the human spirit.

We camped in the hills of Luxembourg just outside the tiny village of Larochette to visit Ian’s cousin and family. Oh yes, and we took in more WWII history as this was the front line of the Battle of the Bulge in late 1944.

Thanks to everyone for following along and sending us comments on the blog. We hope you have had as much fun reading it as we have had putting it together.

Until the next trip!

Things we have learned this week:

1. Perspective – grunting our way up to 8,500 feet, we were caught up by another hiker. We exchanged pleasantries and found out that he is 87 years old………..no response needed.

2. South Pole training – official Antarctic training starts mid-July. However, as well as hiking and running while in Europe, Ian has done some impromptu weightlifting in the beer halls of Munich with 30 LB beer steins.

3. Every man’s dream – a museum that is dedicated to antique cars and beer (Diekirch, Luxembourg).

4. Car wash – car washes in Luxembourg can be spectacularly confusing. Picture this – Ian drives the van into the 1-way car wash bay, but there is nowhere to enter the code. Liz has to get out in the car wash, open a door to a separate building and start the car wash. Good job Liz did not try to re-enter the van before the wash started…..

5. Best laugh on the trip – many, but hearing that Slovenian parking meters don’t work when it rains was hard to beat.

6. Roads – best road (no surprise) – Germany. Worst roads and most confusing road signs by far…………..Belgium.

7. Best part about this trip – all of it! We are fortunate to be “Living the dream!”

European Trivia

Each week we will give you a trivia question pertaining to the country we send the blog from. We will give you the answer the following week. No “Googling”………….

Last week’s question - Italy: Who inspired the green, white and red Italian flag?

And the answer is: Napoleon Bonaparte! The Italian flag is identical to the French flag, just with different colours.

Until next time!


Liz and Ian

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