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day 13 (( SOMEHOW MY EMAIL DAY NUMB ER 11 SHOULD HAVE BEEN 12  )) anyway, moving along over ark, and down the middle of miss., much like I-95 on the east coast, this "road" is hilly, green, pretty but plain... here is where the swamp fields come in and i do mean swamp with gaters, snakes and stuff you see in zoos... luckly we did not see any nor were we looking...

now for all you elvis fans, we did stop at graceland, many photos there and we added our 1977 photos we took the day after his death, we were returning home from one of our trips out west and just happened to be on the "road" in memphis tenn rt40, so we stopped to pay our respect, a bit too esrly for them to have anything to sign, he had just died the day before we got there... now it is just a big tourest spot and things seem a bit slowed from years past as his (us) fans are either too old or died... the shame, is in one of our photos you will see repairmen fixing spots where people gouged out the rock with their names in the rock wall for keepsakes... now the only people who visit graceland are mostly Q-tips...

our photos:

our spots:

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sheriff ron & deputy bebe mcgehee

we are living for "beyond" the moment

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