Jerry and Lindsay 2013 travel blog

Just finished the test drive and have it parked out front of...

Taken from the front

and here's J putting the "sold" sign in the front window with...

Driver and passenger seats.

Dining area

Small bench by the kitchen area and has a board behind it...

More of the kitchen area

The bedroom and off to the right is the shower/bathroom.

Another angle of the same focusing more on the bathroom area.

And very happy Jerry!

We marvel how Zookie seems to love the fireplace and no fear...


It's certainly been a while since last doing a post and this time it isn't because we are traveling anywhere (for now), but to introduce our new RV - it's a Coachman Prism with a Mercedes engine, diesel, 2011, 25' long, only had 16,300 miles (which many of you know by diesel standards it's barely broken in), gets 16-18 mpg, the price was right, AND is perfect for us!

We both miss RVing, just not the full-timing aspect of it as many of you already know! So when Jerry suggested driving by Camping World one day a week or so ago just to "see what they have", I likened it to going to a pet store and looking at kittens/puppies and coming away with nothing. I knew we were goners when J walked out onto the field of RVs and spied what we have now dubbed "Prissy" on the lot, saw it was a Mercedes engine AND diesel! Upon further inspection, it appeared the previous owners barely used it at all judging from appliance wear, etc.

Our storage place in approximately 3-4 miles from the house and we are in the throes of figuring out what will be our first trip! We have had countless suggestions from folks and all have been truly appreciated and are being entertained; just haven't decided yet. Plus another huge factor is the weather! We are still dipping into high 20s and low 30s in the morning hours and would prefer to wait and take our first trip when it warms up a bit more.

So, stay tuned, we have lots of places we plan on going to see and visit to include (hopefully) a summer trip up to Alaska! Hope you'll enjoy continuing to follow our adventures as we tool around the countryside.

Till the next time. . .

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