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Instructions for parking by the volcano

Glimpse into the active crater

More crater!

The observation point

Walking the ridge of another (less) active crater


Don't judge me! Just walked 2 km uphill!!

Hey all!!!

Sorry for the sporadic updates. We're having loads of fun in Granada, Nicaragua, which is a pretty hip backpacker haven on the shores of Lake Nicaragua. Today we took an exhaustive tour of the city, the islands in Lake Nicaragua (but not all 365 of them!), then jetted off to the neighbouring city of Masaya, where we visited a traditional handicrafts market, a traditional pottery co-op, and then went to conquer the Masaya volcano!

The Masaya volcano is the most active volcano in Nicaragua with three major craters, each about a kilometer across (we climbed all of them!). When we arrived we needed to park facing the road to provide a faster escape, should the volcano start to erupt; which looked to be very possible as the first crater was pouring out smoke and vapour (apparently if you come at night you can see the lava glowing at the bottom)! The Mayans used this very volcano to sacrifice virgins too!!! There were two other craters nearby with smaller smoking vents that weren't quite as deep, but still super cool. The highest two craters (2km hike up a 45 degree incline covered in loose stone and ash) have not erupted in a century so are full of lush jungle, and the view of lake Nicaragua and the surrounding countryside was phenomenal!

Tomorrow we are likely hanging around Grenada, checking out the sites and possibly hitting up a local guitar maker!

Lots and lots of love from Thom and Meg!!!

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