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We left our camp in Punta Gorda and went to Church first and then to the historic district. Ended up at the marina with lots o'shops, restaurants and bars. A bit early for the bars for me(I know some of you are shocked and appalled). Had a great lunch on the pier. Then we motored on to Largo Fl which is between St. Pete and Clearwater. Going to see Susan Huddleson who was in our wedding as a bridesmaid tomorrow and then heading just a bit east to visit with Tim and Lisa (our nephew and niece) and their kids. We are looking forward to both visits. We also made a new record for mileage on our big honkin' dually. Today we did 13.5 MPG. Now that might not sound like a lot but when we bought it I thought we would get 8 mpg and the guy we bought it from sad it got 11.5 mpg. 2 mpg MORE. We are VERY excited. Enjoy the pics.

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