Escape From Britain! 2011 travel blog

We left the hotel in 'limo's' which are nothing like limo's at home!!! Limo's here are I guess like a tuk tuk a man riding a bicycle with a couple of seats on the front with us in them!!! Simon rode it a little bit of the way. The limo took us to the port where we boarded a little boat just for our tour group to take us to Taquille Island and then onto our homestay. There wasn't much on Taquille Island just a big walk up to a shop selling hand made products, lunch, then a big walk down!! It took us 3 hours to get there!! Lake Titicaca is 108 miles long and 40 miles wide and has massive frogs which can get up to 60cm and weigh 4kg!! We didn't see any though! From Taquille it took us another hour and a half by boat to our homestay. We met Louis our 'dad' and he took us up to his home and introduced us to his daughters Maria (17), Jenny (16), Root (Ruth, 8) and Katty (3), Louis has 9 children in total, 8 girls one boy but only 4 are still living at home I think. Jenny dressed us up in traditional dress for a party and we danced like the locals with all the other families! It was good fun. Then we went back to our little home, had dinner with the family and tried talking to them, we were trying to speak Spanish to them but their first language is Armanti (I think that's how you spell it). It was interesting! They have been letting tourists stay for 3 years.

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