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Plate of pasta 11 bucks avacoto and prawns.


Sunset at Shake Joe´s.

Yesterday was 38 degrees on the record. But in the sun it was hotter for sure. If you have your oven on 450 then open the door and stand back 2 feet you will know what the warm Costa Rican sun feels like. The Tico Lodge pool is in the shade and quite cool, it is and oasis that we enjoy! Squirrels and iguana´s also share the shade with us and keep a very close eye on us! Time for walking is after 4 pm. We took a walk with our feet in the water along the beach to keep cool. The water temp is warmer than your skin. somes feel very hot on the feet. Ended up the walk with cold beer and watched the sunset from Shake Joe´s beach bar. This morning we had banana´s a Pippa coconut each for breakfast. I put the coconuts in the fridge last night so they would be cold for breakfast. Got the gardener (Jose) to cut the coconut in half so we could scrape out the soft jelly with a spoon. MMM good. Tonight there will be live music and B.B.Q. at the beach bar so we will be checking it out around 7:00pm. Getting brown as a Tico , Brad. ( P.S. Rox says Red )

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