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Gardening - it feels like I am an archaeologist again

Maciej sees an apportunity to get naked (well, almost)

The annual competition for 21 schools

Lining up for the festival

The winners

Girls getting water

OK then

Maciej opening pops for the schools

He wounds wont heel here

Hello all

Rikke and I are back in Jinja (well actually in bujagali falls) and will likely be here one month to volunteer for an organization called soft power education.

The first week volunteering was slightly slow, we spent a great deal of time just getting our feet wet and many of the projects were had been placed on required only a limited amount of our labour. People are cool that we work with and its a really laid back place.

Second week of volunteering = we are slowly getting bored. We have been painting and gardening but only for a couple of hours a day, and the rest of the time we are left to THINK (God forbid it) - and because of that we have started to arrange all sort of strange things to avoid boredom, such as pancake-day, cake-day, Nile brewery day - any suggestions?

Friday was a big festival-day where the organization gathered 21 schools for lots of fun stuf. We where the score keepers which once again required a lot of sitting around. Maciej reading his book, using money as a book mark, NO NEED to say that that money dissapeared. Well he found the thief and got the money back after lots of drama, lol

Third week in Bujagali>:After more cake, BB, pasta nights etc, we finally have a meeting with the lady in charge of the volunteers It was a pretty exciting meeting an there are lots of opportunites, BUT we are 3 weeks in and pretty disincouraged, so we ll see.

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