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On Wednesday 9th July we traveled by hydrofoil from Mykonos to Santorini, being that we are in Greece the ferry was an hour late to arrive so we didn't get into Santorini until around 7pm. Its probably stupid but i knew Santorini was a volcano but i still thought that it was a beach side town but its not its right on top of this mountain.

Again we got a really friendly reception at our hotel before heading out to The Greek restaurant for dinner. We got a Santorini special plate to share for starters, it had a variety of Santorini specials including feta, tomato balls mmm, fuva (cherry tomato & eggplant), egg & potato pie, tzaziki, fava bean dip and some yum tasting leaves.

After tea we decided to go for a wander around Fira the capital town where we were staying, where are all the blue domes and white building with blue shutters that you always see in the photos of Santorini you might say and the answer is in Mykonos. At closer inspection of all the postcards you realize that the photos of the blue domes are all taken of the only 3 domes in the city just from different angles – i've posted a photo which gives a better representation of the city, still very beautiful though especially at sunset. Its easy to get disorientated in the maze of shops and gyros shops in Fira but we managed to find our way back to the hotel.

On Thursday 10th July we had organized to go on a tour of the islands that make up Santorini. We took the cable cars down the mountain to our glass bottomed boat the Calypso. First stop was the volcano caldera. About 3500 years ago Santorini didn't even exist it was created by several volcanic eruptions, the most recent one taking place in 1925. In some parts of the caldera you can still see steam coming out of the ground and if you dig a little hole and put your had in it the heat is intense. It was pretty cool. From the caldera we headed to the next little island which had hot springs, so i went for a swim. Its cool you jump off the boat in the cold waters then swim into the hot water and the closer you get to the island the warmer it gets although the grosser it gets too the water turns from blue to brown with orange floaties to green with bubbles in the warmest sections, it was pretty warm though around 50 degrees. Then we moved to another island Thirassia for lunch which took them bloody forever to make and my calamari tasted like shit again – why wont i learn, but Brent had moussaka which was really good. The water here was crystal clear it was kinda like the hidden beach in Kangaroo Island only instead of sand it was rocks and because it was a rock beach (not pebble but rock) it attracted sea urchins all these black spiky creatures waiting to take your foot off so i didn't swim. Then we took the boat over the reef back to the main island town of Oia. The reef wasn't very exciting especially after seeing the one in Dahab but it was cool to watch the ocean floor cruise by under our feet. We didn't really stop in Oia only to drop people off who wanted to stop there to see the sunset it is supposed to be even more spectacular in Oia than it is in Fira. So we headed back to Fira and caught the cable cars back up the hill to the hotel to get changed then head out to the town again. After our big lunch we were not hungry so just wandered through the shops buying souvenirs etc until we worked up an appetite and stopped at a gyros place for tea around 10pm – im getting into this Greek time thing. Then we headed back to the hotel again for a sleep.

On the 11th we were supposed to be on a 7am flight to Rhodes but because they wernt booked properly (not our fault) we had been bumped to the 8pm flight instead which was kinda good because we had another day free to explore the island. This time we jumped on a bus and headed to the other side of the island to Kamari beach – the one with black sand or fine black pebbles to be more precise. We wandered down to the beach but i didn't want to be covered in black sand for the day so instead of swimming we walked along the beach front checking out all the hotels, bars and shops until we found 'Enjoy pool bar cafe' where we stopped for the day. They had a pool i could swim in while we drank cocktails all day and planned our wedding. It was a really relaxing day but then we had to head back to Fira and the airport. To get to the island of Rhodes we had to fly to Athens and then out to Rhodes. So our flight to Athens was delayed half hour and didn't leave until 8:45 so we got into Athens airport 20min before our next flight was to take off so we are legging it through the airport to get to the gate to fins out that the flight to Rhodes is delayed as well, eventually it turned out that it was the same plane. So after all of that we finally got to our hotel in Rhodes at 12:30pm ran out to get some maccas dinner before jumping into bed around 1:30am.

On Saturday 12th July we slept until like 12 then got organized and headed out for lunch we found a cute little Greek cafe in this market place to eat. After lunch i was grumpy cos i was still sleepy – 3 months of traveling is really sleep depriving – so we headed back to the hotel for a siesta but accidentally slept until like 8pm so we headed back to the same cafe for dinner (cos they had good looking pizzas) before heading back to the hotel. We didn't really get to see any of Rhodes except for the umbrella shops everywhere whats up with that? So we will really have to make an effort to get back here one day because it looks a beautiful city. Overall Greece was awesome, the beaches the people the food everything was great, i cant wait to come back here and explore some of the other islands next time.

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