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Wow I've just noticed the date and it seems like time is going so quickly.

We are now in territory that I had dreamed about. Although we've been in New York before we only spent time in New York city. The state of New York stretches from the Atlantic Sea and inland to the border of Canada. It is a beautiful state from what we've seen of it so far and has offered us the first colo(u)rs of Fall/Autumn.

We arrived here on Friday night after having one of our horrendous road adevntures. Lola lost satelite signals as we arrived at the New Jersey turnpike and offered us nothing further until we were thoroughly lost at which point she offered us a new set of instructions and then dissapeared again. Nice! It took us double the time to arrive at our destination as it should have and cost us $80 in toll fees.

We've had a very relaxing weekend and enjoyed the warm days and crisp nights. The kids have made friends and enjoyed themselves going on fire engine rides and other activities provided by the campground.

We are two hours outside of New York city near the capital of New York, Albany and have pretty much chosen not to make a special trip back to the city - not yet anyway.

We start school again tomorrow and will probably take a drive to a military museum which is close by in the afternoon. We will also be making contact and hoping to see family and friends that live in tha area.

Our next stop is Conneticut and then on to Patti's hometown of Massachusetts. Right now i'm of to watch a movie with the rest of the bunch on the Revolutionary War.

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