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Marcel, Fi, Lindel & Phil with Misti volcano behind

First Jesuit church in Arequipa

Inside the monastery (This is Malaga street)

Arequipa Square

Fiona with a moose

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Dancing in the street


The overnight bus from Nazca to Arequipa was quite an experience.

Imagine this... 'A double decker bus like a jazzed up National, mountain passes similar to those from the film "The Italian Job" & ONE speed... FAST'

Just close your eyes & kiss your sweet ... goodbye, then try to sleep.

Still we got there tired but alive & in one piece...always a bonus I suspect.

Arequipa is a beautiful city, Peru's second.

We rested in the morning & in the afternoon drove out to the old town seeing a Jesuit church & then views of Misti volcano, the regions active one. Not like Banos though...

Then the tour took us to the Monastery of Santa Catalina with streets named after Spanish towns. Arequipa was in party mood (celebrating their proclaimed independence from the rest of Peru, they even have their own flag)... and there were loads of street festivals... see pics. Tomorrow we go to the Colca Canyon... the second deepest canyon on the planet.

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