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Very loud raven near Lehman Cave Visitor Center

Unfortunately no cameras allowed inside the cave




13,006 ft Wheeler Peak from Mather Overlook


Wheeler Peak

My campsite at Lower Lehman Creek campground

Lehman Creek which was only about 30 ft from my rig

Great Basin National Park is very remote, and much more beautiful than my pictures show it to be. I had planned to spend several more days there, but found out this morning that the gas part of my refrigerator no longer works. Since there are no hookups at National Park campgrounds I was kind of hanging out there without a refrigerator and a refrigerator full of food. Baker, NV is not a place to get anything repaired so I packed up and headed west toward Carson City where I'm now located at a full hookup campground. Fortunately the refrigerator works fine on AC power. I'll try to find someone tomorrow to fix the gas part of it. Had I been able to stay the additional days I was going to take a 3 mile hike back into the interior at about 10,000 ft and visit two alpine lakes and a bristlecone pine forest and taken a bunch of pictures of all of that. Lehman Cave is very nice and I would have loved to take pictures of it, but no cameras were allowed in the cave.

There is a campground at about the 10,000 ft level that is one of the nicest campgrounds that I've ever seen. It's for tents and rigs under 24 ft. only, as the road up to it is very steep with tight switchback turns on a narrow road. It's located in the middle of an alpine forest and is beautifully laid out. I had considered camping out there in one of my tents for at least one night, maybe more, if I had been able to stay longer. What a bummer, and I had this great campsite for the Dutch Star right next to Lehman Creek and totally private! I guess this means that I'll have to come back another time to finish what I started. No cell or internet connectivity at all, however. I had to drive nearly to Ely, which is 60 some miles along the way toward Carson City before I could get a good cell phone signal. Rt 50 thru Nevada has been named "The Loneliest Road in America" and I can see why. Miles and miles between small towns and you better be sure that you have plenty of fuel before you set off. There are gas stations along the way, but they are small and few and far between. Nevada is much more mountainous than I had thought, and I had to go over quite a few high passes along the way. I find desert terrain to be starkly beautiful and subtle. It doesn't reach out and grab you quite like some of the other places that I've visited, but if you take the time to look it's very beautiful. I mostly had the highway to myself so I could slow down at times to take it all in. I passed numerous salt beds from dried up lakes. Small versions of Salt Lake. So much to see.

Lake Tahoe is next on my list. I'll be in the Lake Tahoe area thru the end of August and then will move on to northern California.

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