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Today I am on top of a boat on Lake Titicaca, the world's highest navigable body of water at 3800 metres. We are on our way to Taquile island, and then to our overnight stay on the island of Amantani.

This monring we took tuk-tuks to the dock. They are Peru's answer to richshaws - kind of a bicycle with passenger seats. It is 10:09 a.m. It is pleasant, though cool up here on top of the boat. Sandra and Jim are lying on a bench and Margaret is filling water bottles. In about one hour we should arrive at Taquile.

I guess I've only been away from home for two weeks.Jon emailed me yesterday, but he mainly talked about the weather and seemed rather aloop. I was disappointed that he did not even seem to miss me, but then I guess I have only been gone two weeks and that doesn't seem like as long at home as it has seemed here.

Taquile island is very pretty - like a little fairytale world in a way with a winding path around the island that feels even steeper than it is due to the altitude, many terraces, stone paths, little homes, and green crops. The people are friendly, but make their living mainly from tourism and expect money for everything. It is the island of magnificent knitting skills.

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