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Onyx heading to Portland & Scappoose..

Coming into Portland...

Traffic is really moving...

Pretty big city...

Me & Judy!

My buddy Judy...

Dinner was yummy...

Kickin' back after dinner!

A little birthday cake...yum!

Our friends Jim & Pat...

The Columbia River is a working river...

Can you see the windsurfer?

Now can you see him?

Pretty house & yard...

House across the street...

Well, almost on the street...

Not much on the street!

Check out the moulding...

That is a steel platform!!

ok, moving down the road!!

Paddlewheeler Empress of the North

Wish I was on her for a few days!


Nice little park...

They ran to us...we needed bread badly!

Ultralight above us...looks like fun!

An ultralight helicopter!

Larry gets to ride next time!

Onyx loved this guy!!

And this too! She couldn't figure this out!

It is beautiful here!

I tried to shoot a few pictures out the truck window as we came into Portland in case you have never been here. But, traffic was very heavy, there were no pullouts, freeways are running in all directions & boy, is it hectic! So, we found our way to Hwy 30 & headed on to Scappoose as fast as possible. But, I did get a few pics that might give you a little of the flavor.

I am so excited to be in the Portland area. My best friend from high school, Judy, lives in Scappoose (Oregon) & it seems too many years pass between visits. And it is her husband David's birthday today also. So, we are invited for dinner & cake & ice cream...yum! Judy made the best spaghetti we have ever had...we ate toooo much! But, after dinner, we kicked the guys downstairs to the big screen, & Judy & I started trying to catch up. We made a small dent chatting & catching up (we will need way more time!) but it was getting late, so we decided to have dinner out together the next night. We went into Portland to a wonderful place (Manzana's), walked around downtown a bit & made plans to go to Astoria on Sunday. It was so good to see my buddy again. She never changes. It seems like we can just pick the conversation up again, whether it's been 1, 3, 5 or 10 years since we last saw each other. Isn't it just great when you have family & friends in your life you feel that way about?

And, our friends, Jim & Pat Cooper live just across the Columbia River in Kalama, Washington. Jim & Pat lived in Las Vegas & were dear friends of ours for many years before they left the hustle & bustle to retire in the beautiful state of Washington. They have set some time aside to play tour guides for us while we are in the area. We are going to dinner tomorrow & to Mount St. Helens on Saturday. So, we can tell already, we are going to have a great week!

The weather was perfect when we arrived & we found the RV Park with no problem. Unfortunately, there were enough trees around, that no matter where we moved the rig we could not get the satellite to lock onto the Internet service. Weird, we could get the Direct TV, but not the Internet. But, we decided we could live without it since we had so much to see & do. There is also a very small airport behind us which should be interesting. And a couple of llama's across the street that Onyx is very interested in! But, there's nobody here so we have the place all to ourselves & we like that! And it is pretty!!

So, in this post I will share just a few photos of our friends & in the next couple of posts I will share Mount St. Helens & Astoria.

The weather was beautiful for the first 5 days, then on Saturday it clouded all up & we woke to a light drizzle on Sunday. But, Monday it was clear & beautiful again so we washed the dog & the rig...then we went to lunch with Jim & Pat & did a little sightseeing afterwards. We went down to the Marina in the next little town, watched a couple of ships & a wind surfer, then went down a little farther to Ranier. There was a steamboat there called Empress of the North. She is a sternwheeler paddleboat & goes down the Columbia & Snake Rivers & also the Alaska Inside Passage. The authentically replicated ship is luxuriously decorated in 1800's style. Beautiful.

We then went into the residential area & walking along the beach behind a few of the homes, we were astounded to see this home hanging out in midair. So, of course I just had to take pictures. They certainly don't do this home justice, wish you could have seen up close all the crown moulding & woodwork this home had. And the one across the street had a lovely yard. Lots of pretty flowers. And the cutest little park down the road. The geese there tried to get into the car with us! How cute...Small towns are neat! We said our goodbyes to Jim & Pat. We will miss them but sure enjoyed our time together.

Grabbed a quick shower & headed to David & Judy's again for dinner. I think Larry & I gained a few pounds while we were here! But we have had the best was so good to see our friends again. And so sad to leave. But, we know we'll be back again, maybe even next year. It is so awesome living this lifestyle. Fulltiming is certainly all we hoped it would be! We are so blessed.

We are leaving in the morning, heading down the Pacific Coast Hwy 101.

We love the water so much (bet you knew that!) it will be awesome to drive along the Oregon coast. And to see our family...and the new granddaughter, born in June. Can't wait to post pictures of her!

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