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Stuff that needs to be done.

Yes, even the star ships need to have some time to do the chores. Wish we all had drones that would do them for us.

That is what we did on our trip through Ohio. We left Michigan behind early in the morning and headed toward Ohio. We all felt like we had spent enough time there and the consensus was that Upper Michigan is really the more beautiful part of the state.

We all arrived in Huron, Ohio alive and well. We stopped at a fruit stand along the way and stocked up on fresh fruits and veggies. Huron is just east of Sandusky, right on Lake Erie. The Evans, Fontana's and Fine's all took their trucks in and had the oil changed. It was past due time for that chore. We all went our separate ways and did some much needed shopping.

We left Huron, Ohio in the morning of July 25th. We are headed east toward the Atlantic Ocean. We had decided to take the scenic route and took a long drive (in time, not miles) along Lake Erie. We saw some beautiful homes, big houses with lots and lots of grass. We are sure these people all have gardeners or they spend lots of time mowing the lawn. The other thing we noticed is that most of these houses do not have fences around them. One backyard just flows into another one. It is really different from what we are used to and it looks very open and welcoming. Not all closed in. Bonnie is trying to talk Don into planting lots of grass when they return home.

We did really well on the drive east until we hit Cleveland. Our scenic route turned into a dead end street! Luckily, only two of us ended up on this street, but it was a sight trying to back out two fifth wheels in downtown Cleveland. Those Ohio drivers are very patient as no one honked or gave us the one finger wave!

The Fontana's and the Fine's both stopped at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland and the Pellegrini's stopped at Presidential Home of James Garfield. You will have to wait for them to post their adventures.

Our RV park for the night was in Conneaunt, Ohio, just on the border between Ohio and Pennsylvania.

The Evans elected to just boogie on to the RV Park and get set up. We were all back together again in time for tea and stories.

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