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View from summit of the island

Snorkeling Paradise

Fishing Boat


Another view from above

D'Lagoon beach where we stayed

View from our window ($10 a night)

Early morning storm

A tree meets vine

A little trap

Interior trail

Mr. Gecko

Monitor Lizard

Make your move!

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Don't mess with this lizard

Pulau Perhentian Kecil, an island off the east coast of peninsular Malaysia (South China Sea) is quite the paradise. A lot cleaner than any of the beaches we've seen in Thailand. D'Lagoon is a relatively undeveloped beach, and it is a family owned business - the owner assured us that it would remain that way. He is leasing the land, and he takes great care to keep the area clean, and to minimize impact on the environment. There are several beaches within easy walking distance where you can spend the entire day without seeing a single person. The water is incredibly clear, and the snorkeling spectacular. Myles spend a couple of days swimming with a school of huge parrot fish, and large black tip reef sharks (apparently harmless). I didn't venture out as far, but I did see tonnes of beautiful fish (big and small), smaller sharks, sea cucumbers, coral, and tonnes of clown fish (little Nemos). I was really excited since I am not a very confident swimmer. We are hoping to hit some more snorkeling spots along the way (Dad, now I know why you love it so much).

We took some time to explore the island a bit as well. We walked both through the interior jungle trails and partly around the perimeter of the island (fun rock hopping). It is not possible to walk all the way around it in a day.

We've seen some incredible plants, and trees. Lots and lots of gigantic spider webs along with some gigantic spiders. The island is inhabited by big monitor lizards (up to 8 feet long). Some are scared of people, while others, although not friendly are quite at ease being around people. They came by our beach every night, and sometimes wondered through the area scoping for food.

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