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An overnight stop at Walmart in Milledgeville, Georgia

Hazel's cousin Vicki.

Uncle Archie is 88 years old.

With driving directions from Hazel's aunt near Panama City, and our GPS, I found myself driving on narrow and winding sand roads near Douglas, Georgia, looking for Hazel's cousin Vicki and her dad, Hazel's Uncle Archie. Driving a 30 foot motorhome that weighs something like 14,000 pounds, while towing a 3,000 pound car, on a sand road is a little un-nerving. I started to picture in my mind a frantic call to "Good Sam" roadside assistance for the biggest wrecker they had.

But, we made it.

Coffee and talk about health problems, and catching up on family news, it was a meeting that must be typical with people in our age bracket. Uncle Archie had recent surgery for hip repair or replacement, used a cane to get across the living room, and darn-near fell down as he approached the sofa. "He should be using his walker", cousin Vicki said, "but he's too proud to use it, thinks it makes him look feeble, and he's gonna' fall again and really hurt himself, but he won't listen".

Uncle Archie told me he'd gotten married again a couple of years ago, but his new wife died. Calling across the living room to his daughter, Archie said "Vicki, what's that disease old people get, that Betty Lou died of?" "I can't remember the name of it," Vicki replied, "It was Alzheimer's, Dad, Alzheimer's, where you can't remember things."

I did a quick calculation of the difference between my age, 73, and Archie's 88, and thought maybe I ought to give that old plan of mine, to die by being shot by Kim Basinger's husband, some more study.

As we got ready to leave, Archie said he'd like to see the motorhome, and with a little help, and this time he did use his walker, we got him up the stairs and to the sofa inside our RV. Uncle Archie looked around and said "This is alright, I like this." I could tell from the look in his eyes that he really kind of wanted to leave with us, hit road, get out of Dodge, and go out in a blaze of glory.

With more goodbyes, and helping Uncle Archie out of the motorhome and over to his truck (yes, he still drives), Hazel and I waived goodbye and headed out to tackle that sand road again.

In the rear view mirror, Uncle Archie was getting in his truck to head downtown to have one with the boys.

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