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A show of dominance

Nice size pack


On a mission







Getting real close to the car



This guy came up from the back of display to pose for...

Digging in

Very chubby & healthy

Very large paws on this Bobcat

I win!!




Nice little red fox

No fear

What can I say

Interesting sculpture...notice the ears

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Bear Country U.S.A. is a drive through outdoor wildlife zoo. At the end of the drive is Babyland where the small animals and babies are kept for viewing. The drive took about an hour.

The Elk were amazing! And, Oh my the bears! So many bears. We could not get over how many bears were meandering around. There must have been at least 50. And very close. Walking right across the road!. There was one pretty good sized bear who had staked out a spot in the middle of the road. We had to drive around him/her.

The Siberian Wolves were another beautiful sight. These animals were the biggest dogs I have ever seen. We were driving right through their territory. There was even a squabble right along the road. It was exciting to see them acting so natural.

The absolute best was the bear cubs. About a dozen of them, running and jumping and climbing trees. Attacking each other in play, biting and chewing. They were just too adorable for words. I have included 2 short video clips of the bear cubs. I have a new camera and I am still learning how to use. The clips are not the best, but you will get the idea of how adorable the cubs are.

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