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The goldfish in their....erm.....stables.


Our new pet, Matt

Matt's chin was out of control after 8 too many pints!!!

Matt and Tim (the American) have a face off. Not really. This...

It all got a bit Broke Back Mountain towards the end of...

Again on the midnight flight from Hong Kong to Australia we were no longer sitting together. I had the tallest Asian man in the world next to me and Em had a fresh faced fool called Matt sitting next to her.

The flight was ok, but 10 hours later we stopped off again, this time in Brisbane. Which is past Cairns. ON THE WAY TO CAIRNS!!!

Seemed a bit silly but we just hung out with Matt and a couple of other people while waiting to transfer at Brisbane Airport which was ok.

The last leg of our journey was a 2 hour flight from Brisbane to Cairns again which was cool.

We eventually made it to Cairns at about 2pm - 22 hours after we had set out the previous day. I only mention that because a direct flight from Bali to Cairns takes 2 hours aparently. Which we couldn't do. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

Cairns is rediculously hot man!!! We'll be going through about a gallon of sunscreen a day I think!!!

Anyway our hostel in Cairns in cool, we're in a dorm again, but it's all clean and everything. The only prob is that it's about a $10 (GBP 5.00) taxi ride from the city centre. No a major issue though.

We went out for a few beers with Matt and some people from his hostel tonight to a place called the Woolshed.

It was pretty roudy in there, especially when the goldfish racing started!!!

We eventually made it home at about 1am I think blessing Allah for the aircon in our dorm!!!


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