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Odeon in Amman

Mecca Mall - we went not once but twice! It felt like...

The Citadel - note the contrast of current and past

Nick walking towards the Palace of... something or other, at the Fortress

Back to city living! We just arrived and checked into the Palace Hotel. So far this place looks like it is going to be fun. The city is really clean and there are lots of interesting shops and cafes to tempt us away from the historical sites.

It was easy to see however that we are certainly now away from the touristy places. I think I saw one woman without a head scarf and when the bus stopped during our 3 hour ride for a quick break, all the women stayed on the bus while the men left to grab a drink and sit down in an area that was obviously men-only. I didn't want to find out if there were exceptions for women tourists like there have been so far in other areas. So I am back to covering my head in the front, wearing long sleeves and pants. Not too great a price to pay to contiue exploring this great country. And come to think of it, I would say I have spent a solid third of our trip covering up in some way or another, not being able to directly talk with men when negotiating fares or prices, nor exchanging smiles with them on the streets.

We are still trying to figure out how to get back to Tel Aviv. Israel is a very difficult place to get to/around in on the Sabbath. When we were there before it was like Christmas Day in Canada (well it was much warmer!) - no one on the streets, most shops closed. Imagine Christmas Day once a week? Come to think of it, it does sounds like a nice way to unwind on a regular basis.

Tonight we hope to check out the new Indiana Jones movie - recall that the last one had a lot of Petra in it.


We've added some more photos, and we've now seen the new Indiana Jones movie. The movie wasn't anything special, and conspicuously had a lack of any shots from Petra.

We've added some more photos from:

Tel Aviv

Aqaba, Wadi Rum, and Petra

We are going to try and finish off the photos from Nepal (the hike, the rafting, and the safari) and Jerusalem pretty soon. And by then I'm sure we'll be behind on our photos from France!

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