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Date: July 30, 2012

Tonight’s Location: Bullard’s Beach State Park, Bandon, Oregon

Weather: abundant sunshine

Temperature: start 59º

High 65º

Wildlife count: Humpback Whale

Birds: Brown Pelican, Western and Heerman’s Gulls, Willet, Western Snowy Plover, Red Crossbills, Belted Kingfisher, Turkey Vulture

Grant and Kathy joined the volunteers for breakfast at the Minute Café this morning, so we had one big party! Our job was at China Creek today, and the weather was perfect. Some of the lovely Oregon wildflowers were in full bloom, so I took advantage!

After work, we rushed to get the mail, our box of foil Dutch Oven inserts arrived, and we headed for the Laundromat. We were quickly done, had a fast shower, and picked up Ron and Linda by 5:15.

Our dinner was delightful at Benetti’s Italian diner in downtown Coos. We had never been there. The food was outstanding, and the prices were not too bad. John had a sampler of Lasagna and Cannelloni, and I enjoyed Lasagna. All meals were served with Minestrone, a fresh salad, and garlic bread, made with real garlic. Boy, did our car smell on the way back!! We sat for a long time and just enjoyed good conversation – a perfect end to a delightful day.

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