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Getting him comfortable

Putting on the mask

Locking it down

A little adjustment

Kind of creepy

Time to get out of Dodge as he slides into the machine

A monitor allowing us to see JC during the treatment

A machine that monitors the progress of the radiation duration...6 minutes

Indicates where and intensity of the radiation

I have previously talked about Tomo Therapy which is one of several ways radiation is administered. I had the opportunity to see the techs and JC in action getting setup for one of the radiation treatments.

The green mesh looking thing is very stiff. It makes JC hold almost perfectly still. The ring in his hands is a tool to help JC stay perfectly still.

After JC was ready, the techs and I went to another room where there are several computers that monitors the process. First is to align JC's head and shoulders perfectly with the prescribed computer controlled treatment design. A CAT scan taken before the treatments were started is used as a guideline to make sure the same target areas are perfectly lined up....I am talking about fractions of mili-meters. It is very precise. The radiation is intended to damage as few good cells as possible. I was surprised as to how much was being radiated, but in varying intensities. The radiation is actually being directed all around his head not just at the right side of his head.

Really amazing!!

Today marked the half way point in receiving chemo therapy....only 4 more to go. And, today was #7 of 35 Tomo Therapies (radiation).

JC is experiencing some fatigue which is one of the expected side effects. The other is a rash on his face, neck & upper chest. The rash looks and feels like a teenage case of acne. The doctor says it is just a rash which will go away just as quickly as it appeared once the chemo treatments have stopped. The doctor tells us the rash is a good sign that means the chemo is working. In the meantime, it is a real annoyance and a little uncomfortable for JC.

Otherwise, he/we are doing great! After Tomo today, JC said he thinks the knot (tumor) in the neck lymph node felt a little smaller. 8>)

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