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Boarding our plane in Bali there was a 'band' playing songs that...

Em in front of the Christmas Tree in hong Kong Airport

Em relaxing in the shadows waiting for our transfer at Hong Kong...

The obligatory ass shot of me while looking at the internet...while waiting...

We were leaving for the airport at about 2pm today for our flight/s to Australia so I spent most of the morning/early arvo sorting stuff out really.

The first leg of our trip was the flight from Bali to Hong Kong (again! about 5 hours) which was cool.

Oh except for our flights had been cancelled because when we changed the dates of our flights back in India Cathay Pacific hadn't processed it properly, so basically cancelled all of the rest of our flights with them!! We eventually got it sorted out but we were no longer sitting togther (Phew!!! Joking!!!)

We had about 3 hours in Hong Kong Airport before our connecting flight left at about midnight......


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