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The famous Venice Beach boulevard

White men can't jump

Brian about to join his new gym - Muscle beach! (He was...

A bird in paradise - well it's a carpark but they tried

Beautiful trash cans on Venice Beach


Nice sausages!

Is this the shape of things to come

Brian wants to be buried with this hearse - cool man!

Just so we know where we are

Brian's shocked by seeing the worlds first remote for fat fingers

It's the V for venice beach

Even when Andrea was arrested she was still the polite canadian -...

This is where we nearly stayed

Yep proof we where there too


The pictures have finally arrived!!! So, now you can see the lovely Venice Beach too. It was kind of fun...well an adventure to wander up and down the boulevard checking out the people, the shops, the outdoor work-out gyms (balloon clown included), stop for a sausage and check out the neat things you could buy...if only money did appear like that!

PS: I wasn't really arrested...honest Mom!

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Again, sorry there are no pictures yet. There are some weirdos here - especially on Venice Beach (where they filmed WHITE MEN CANT JUMP). Plenty of stories to share with you...

Los Angeles - hope of the "rich and shameless" and "down and outs"! We saw it all - Hollywood stars, Beverly Hills mansions right down to Santa Monica Beach - where they filmed BAY WATCH and FOREST GUMP!

This entry is called Groundhog day because we crossed the International Date Line flying from Auckland to LA. We left in the late afternoon from Auckland and arrived on the same day in LA at 10 in the morning!!! Despite living the same day over again, the two places couldn't have been more different!

The first night in LA we were walking on the main Lincoln boulevard trying to get some pictures burnt on cd. After walking for around 2 hours we called into a restaurant to go to the restroom. When we came out we were stopped by a guy. He asked us were we tourists. We said yes, he then told us he was an off-duty cop and that we shouldn't be walking in this area at night. What a welcome to the USA. So when he left us off at our hostel again, we had to wait for our key because the receptionist was away doing drugs! Let's just say we didn't stay there another night. The rough guide said it was built for the 84 Olympics, well it hadn't been touch since then. It was definitely the worst hostel we have stayed in our whole travels. But what an experience!

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