Bob and Shirley's Great Adventure 2011-12 travel blog

Jane and Tim

Whew doggies

Rumbling skies



Nature shot

No mountains yet

Nice scenery

We made it to the Mountain Time Zone and to Colorado yesterday. It was a mostly travel day but there were two highlights. We stopped for lunch at Tim and Jane Goding's in Oxford NE. They are the parents of Ann who Shirley befriended at NDUMC. Shirley was part of Ann's wedding planning and we have met Tim and Jane a number of times. Well some might call this dinner. Jane put out bacon (BLTs), ham, turkey, romain, garden tomatoes and cucumbers. Fresh corn from the garden, a fabulous macaroni salad, chips and tea. For desert we had fruit pizza which only looked the shape of pizza and cut in pizza slices and it was fantastic. When Jane put it on the table I could only think of a desert coffee table book glossy photo of this desert. It looked and tasted as good. Thanks folks. The other note worthy part of yesterday was the temperature on our truck outside thermometer reached 106 degrees. Now THAT's HOT. Enjoy the pics.

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