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One of Lakes on Way to La Angostura

Type of Forest in Lake District on Way to Angostura

River Along Road to Angostura...Water Very Clear!

Major Road Reconstruction Along the Way

Clear Streams, Lots of Fly Fishing During Tourist Season

With Road Construction, Amazing How Little Siltation & Clouding of Rivers

Great, Clear Streams

Rock Climbing Also a Big Draw to Area

Incredible Landscape on Way to Angostura, New Powder of Snow in Mtns.

This Little Guy Stopped Our Bus For Half an Hour, Ha!

Stream Clarity Simply Amazed Me!

All Along The Road Were Great Patches of Blooming Lupine!

Like I Say, Tons of Blooming Lupine

Another Lake Along the Way, Great Blooming Bushes...What, Do Not Know?

If They Weren't So Varied, You'd Almost Get Tired of Seeing So...

Near and in Angostura, Lots of Hawthorne Blooming

Still Another Lake, Really Beautiful Area

Another Lake View, Great Mtns All Along the Way...Notice the Trees Leaning,...

Scenery at Every Turn Kept Me Taking Pics

Loved This Shot Showing the Tips of This Bamboo-type Clump/Bush Which Seems...

Still Another Great Lake

Notice the Scotch Broom in Forground...Ubiquitous!

Just One More?

Wind Blown Trees & Another Lake

Getting Ridiculous!

Another Closeup, Mari Knows Name...These Are Everywhere

Walkabout in Angostura...Amazing That These Logs Just Seemed to be Piled to...

A Different Variety of Scotch Broom

Our Angostura Walkabout

Here We Are, Ha! Angostura Welcome...Couldn't Get Group to Take Taxi to...

Couldn't Resist This Closeup By Angostura Bus Terminal

Walkabout...Mtn By Angostura

Outside Angostura Bus Terminal

Why They Even Bother With These I Don't Know...A Viewpoint, Ha! They're...

Getting Closer to Bariloche...Road Follows Along Edge of This Lake

Nice Location For a Hotel...But Pricey!!

Just Too Picture Perfect!

Can't Delete This One!

Okay, Okay Enough You Say! Couldn't Pass this One...Lake With Bariloche on...

Car Rally Start in Civic Plaza, Bariloche...Mari Taking Pic, Jake Walking the...

View From Walkway Along Lake in Bariloche...Saw Several Kite Boarders/Surfers

A First! In Bus Station, Bariloche...Huge Hot Water Dispenser For the Matte...

View From Common Room in Hostal Punto Sur Where We Stayed

I Felt Like This Fellow the Day I Found Out My Hard...

Another View From Bariloche Plaza

View of Lake From Civic Center Plaza, Bariloche...Skating Rink in Bldg on...

Civic Center, Baliloche...Statue of Liberator, White on Plaza Stones Lists Names &...



































Travel thru this part of Argentina was most pleasant, passing lakes, streams, and snowcapped mtns. Since we do not have time nor resources to partake of the activities (plus it is too early in the spring...very chilly for rafting, kayaking, and other outdoor trekking w/o camping equip), we are moving rapidly onward. Good to see this area, we'll be back thru after Easter Island if we want to get into other stuff, but really, the costs are quite prohibitive on our budgets. This is a very touristic area for Chileans and Argentinians who flock here in major numbers beginning in a couple of weeks and continueing thru into March (their summer). Staying in Punto Sur Hostel dorm, very basic with bunk beds and shared bath (small), but the price is right only $10 US ea since it is off season.

Possibly very bad news for me here...I have been storing all our pics and my videos since we left (a year ago) on an exterior hard drive. Using lots of different computers and sometimes not understanding the lingo in Spanish might have compromised it. Microsoft does not recognize it anymore so I cannot access the info stored. I left it with a computer repair place where the guy said that maybe he could extract the data and put it on discs, but the external hard drive is dead. I hope he can do something, I am very depressed about it since I have been unable to get onto any internet access consistently to upload even a small % of the pics taken by either Bon or myself! Really a bummer!

This might be a good time to note what tech stuff I have been using on the trip that has til now come in handy. I use an iPod quite frequently to access WiFi which is often available for free in many of the ON places and even at restaurants down here...Brazil, Argentina, and Chile seem to be very WiFi friendly. The internet is often accessed via older computers which do not give the best results (slow or no USB entry). But with WiFi at least I can check email and other news plus I can play Cribbage, Gin Rummy, and Sudoku which irritates BOn no end, but she doesn't play cards so...! I have mentioned the external hard drive where I have been storing all our pics and videos, this has worked well most of the time altho often the internet places block this kind of use for whatever reason. I also have a FlipVideo camcorder which I have used extensively to make videos and then pull individual pics from frames. This takes alot of time, but until now I have had much less trouble hooking up on USB than with the hard drive. The quality of pictures is not great but then it takes much less time uploading the pics to the website also. The pics from Bon's camera are much better quality but take a lot more time uploading, plus I've got to get her camera chip from her which makes for some discussion as well since she is afraid the chip will get a virus or something.

On this trip more than any other I have seen a lot more travelers with laptops and plugging into WiFi. Also, many more tourists taking pictures with their phones (I think these are more locals or tourists from home country & nearby countries). The change since we began traveling in 2001 has been huge, including the spread of ATM access for getting $$$, this has been a major benefit making our $$$ situation much more manageable day by day. We still carry emergency $$ in dollars but this is not needed as often as we have used it in the past.

Went ice skating, Jake found out about it too and went for an hour...great location in a building right on the lake (see pic).

Update on Patagonia & US Investors

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