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Our group of riders

Scenery along Hwy 90


A rough carving of an eagle with a big snake


Lunch in Huelett

First glimpse of Devils Tower


Rich red clay

My big strong guy

The Hikers


Just some silly fun

There is a ladder about 1/3 from the right side of the...



Almost looks like a seam where flows sort of come together

Curious blooming plant...anyone know what it is?


There are four climbers midway up on the left half of the...



Bernice, Don, LInda & Bev

You can still see it in the mirror

On the road headed south in WY

More great country

A mini Devils Tower!

We call this "Life After People"

It is hard to take these photos at 60 mph

I love the Black Hills of SD


A 260 mile day...whew!

Our new friend Max, who generously let us rent his motorcycle trailer instead of buying it, is the president of the local Honda Bike Riders Club. Now this is really funny because most of the riders own Harley's. LOL He gave us a calendar of the rides for August and September. So our first was to Devils Tower on Sunday, July 24th.

Fabulous, fabulous. The weather was perfect at about 88 with a little breeze. It was a small get together but lots of fun.

The day was like almost 3 outings. There was the ride to the Tower and Lunch. Then some folks split off and went home. Then there were us hikers. We hiked around the tower with 2 sisters and their aunt (all adults) for a really great time. The sisters, Linda and Bev ( yes her name was Bev too) are from Minnesota. They were in their late 40's early 50's and full of mischief and wonder. They had never been to Devils Tower and were as 'picture taking happy' as me.

We have visited this geological wonder a couple of years ago and I continue to be in awe of this hunk of rock.

And, finally the final two bikes (us and Don) and a car with Bernice (the Aunt), Linda & Bev. Linda and Bev took turns riding Don's Harley. Anyway the final trek was through Sundance, WY and Ice Box Canyon (Hwy 85) which skirts Leed and Deadwood. This was a new portion of Hwy 85 for us and it is beautiful! We will be going out there again.

To give you and idea of our day, I have included a map of our route. We drove about 260 miles on this beautiful Sunday and loved every minute of it.

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